Les Amis du Siky Ranch

12291827_1084925464873675_2796337762898722354_oLes Amis du Siky Ranch is an association based in Delémont in the canton of Jura, whose purpose is the promotion and maintenance of a zoo in Crémines, near Moutier, in the canton of Bern.

Its makes timely demands to the public authorities to finance Siky Ranch’s infrastructure and raises funds from individuals sensitized to the activities of the zoo.

Why help?

The Siky Ranch park is a tourist site of regional importance that needs your valuable support to continue to care for its 300 residents.

paypal-donate-button-enHow to support the Siky Ranch?

1. Donate to Les Amis du Siky Ranch

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Les Amis Siky Ranch
2800 Delémon

2. Become a support member (CHF 50.- per year)…
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3. Share about the Siky Ranch
Like and share Les amis du Siky Ranch’s and the zoo’s Facebook pages.
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4. Visit the Siky Ranch!

The zoo is open from 9am to 18pm, Monday to Sunday.
The birds of prey demonstrations take place at 11am and 15h, from Wednesday to Sunday.
Check the Swiss Rail offers for Siky Ranch Falconry and  Zoo.
Check the train schedules that take you to the Crémines Zoo stop, the Siky Ranch Falconry and  Zoo is a 5 minutes walk away.